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Kansas Animal Rescue Stories — Don’t Shop, Adopt

Bear's Story


Bear was brought to PPaws in April after being Without Your Help! found in western Kansas and instantly won over many hearts with his shy, yet sweet personality. Soon after his arrival during an adoption event, he got scared by motorcycles and ran away. After a week of running around Manhattan and many sightings, Bear was lured in with food.

In June, a newlywed couple that fell in love with him in April but were not able to have pets, adopted Bear. As an only child, Bear’s favorite past time includes cuddling, people watching at coffee shops and going on long walks where he can smell everything in sight.

Windy Hill Rescue Story

Sometime this past September we were approached by the Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s office about helping some dogs that were abandoned on a foreclosed property, on Windy Hill Road, in a rural areaWindy Hill Rescues of the county. We were told that there were several adult dogs and a bunch of puppies, wow!

The PPAWS treasurer, and lifelong dog lover, Tina Turner was on it! She went to the location and took pictures of these poor dogs. All were starving, literally had no food or water and were living under the porch of the house! 

You know how they say it takes a village to save homeless dogs, well these volunteers proved up for this challenge! Tina immediately started feeding all the dogs and providing clean water daily. She contacted Mary Glotzbach to foster the momma and puppies as they were the most tame as well as vulnerable! An employee of the sheriff’s office donated a very large kennel, to provide a safe place for momma and the pups. Veterinarian, Amy Bandel, went to the site and treated all the dogs with the necessary vaccines and wormers. Momma had no milk, even though these pups were only 4-5 weeks old! These pups learned how to eat food very fast. Everyone was so happy to be rescued!

There were two other adult dogs still at the site, very fearful of people. We kept feeding them at the site and as time went by we were able to get them into crates! Both were taken to Tail Wagger Inn, a boarding facility in Manhattan, who have been wonderful rescue friends for years! Star and Gunner stayed at Tail Wagger Inn for a few weeks, until they could be spayed and neutered. From there they went to live with Cate, a PPAWS foster, who has done a great job with these pups. Both dogs are so loving and did very well in a real home!

Harpo & Huck’s Story

Harpo & Tuck, rescued kittens

We got an emergency call about two kittens that were found in an alley, one was hurt and crying. At our request, this good Samaritan took the kitties to our local veterinary clinic. It was determined that one of the twins, soon to be named Harpo, had a broken back leg. The vet set and cast his leg immediately.

These two boys were absolute sweethearts! They were very loving kitties and very socialized; no one had claimed them but they surely were someone’s pets. Harpo’s 

leg healed and he was released from his cast in 4 weeks. By then they were fattened up, neutered, had their vaccines and ready to go to new homes.

Harpo was adopted by Alex, a K-State veterinary student. Two weeks later, Huck went to his new future home, living with two Boxers and a mom who just LOVES him. This was a great ending for two boys who had a rough start in life!

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Rescued pit bull, Bella

Bella’s Story

Bella was a young white/tan “pocket” pit bull; she weighed about 25-30 pounds, a very petite girl that had a big dog attitude. She was adopted from a local animal shelter by a couple; they later went through a traumatic divorce. This left Bella outside in her kennel all the time. To make matters worse, they lived in a rough neighborhood, where not so well-meaning people had been trying to take Bella during the night. She became very kennel aggressive, and did not trust strangers who came around her kennel. At this point, the landlord informed them that his insurance did not allow her breed to live on his property.

That’s when Bella came to live with a foster family. She loved to run and play with a certain Rottweiler named Tank, who was about her age, young and rambunctious, but twice her size. That did not slow her down; she was a tough little girl! She ran with the big dogs! And she became much more secure in herself and her living space.

After several months, a nice young newly wedded couple, John & Joslyn, came to meet Bella. They had agreed that he needed his own dog, as Joslyn came to the relationship with her small dog. John fell in love with Bella; she was playful, energetic and just exactly what he was looking for in a companion. Bella went on a trial adoption, which was important, as they were moving out of state within a few weeks.

Things went great (as you can see in the picture of her sleeping on the bed) and off they went to sunny Florida, where we know that Bella is living a great life; she did not like the cold Kansas weather!

JC, rescued dogJC’s Story

JC came to us as an “owner surrender.” Her owners had moved to a distant town, into a house that had no yard and was located right on a main street; all that JC knew was living in great open spaces on rural acreage. She had always lived outside but was well cared for. They needed a place to take her and did not want to take her to the local dog shelter. So, JC went into one of our foster homes, where she lived with several dogs, cats, and a foster mom. For the next few months, we were contacted by several golden retriever rescues in the mid-western states, offering to take her into their program. But her foster mom, Ann, really wanted to get her into a home, not another foster home.

One day, we got a call from Colleen, who was from the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. She wanted to know about adopting JC for her ten year old granddaughter, Jacie; she had promised her that she could get a golden retriever when she was old enough to take care of a dog. This had to be a sign that they had the same name!

Jacie and her grandmother made the two day trip to Kansas to meet JC. They of course just fell in love with JC and took her home to Texas that day. (The picture was taken in their motel room on the trip back). Colleen since reports that JC is the greatest dog. She gets along with all the other dogs and kids. She waits by the front door for Jacie to get home from school every day, just the perfect companion!

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