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Sponsor a Rescue Animal in Kansas

Sponsoring a rescue animal is one of the most important ways to help a homeless pet! Because we support only no kill rescues, sometimes these animals are with us for a long time, sometimes forever! If you would like to adopt or foster a pet and are not able to, this is the next best way to contribute to these homeless companions and to the no-kill mission.  

A rescue animal pet sponsorship can also be given as a gift for animal-loving friends and family. It’s very easy; just indicate which rescue animal that you would like to sponsor and the level of sponsorship.

You will receive a thank you for your gift, and you will be notified when your sponsored pet is adopted into his/her forever home!

  • Pet Friend – $30.00
  • Best Friend – $50.00
  • Pet Guardian – $100.00

If you see a pet you would like to sponsor, please call (785) 844-9199 or email us.

Its Take Your Dogto Work DayParvo Pups

We were able to save these puppies from Western Kansas before they were sent to the shelter to be killed. Although we have foster homes for all of them, we just found out that one of the puppies has Parvo. We also have another dog coming in from a different location that was also diagnosed with Parvo. 

Parvo is very serious and very expensive to treat. We are monitoring all of the dogs closely, but if the other pups are diagnosed with Parvo too, we will be looking at a very large vet bill. 

Whether you are able to donate $5 or $500, every bit helps and we can't tell you how much we appreciate it!


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